Monaco and Monserrate united in defense of the Mediterranean Sea


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Monaco and Monserrate united in defense of the Mediterranean Sea


The residence of the ambassador of Monaco in Madrid became a unique exhibition space that brought together 10 of his pieces and a video-art of his well-known work “Solitario”.

The work of the sculptor Pepe Monserrate (Madrid, 1973) helped transform, during a single day, the residence of the ambassador of the Principality of Monaco in Madrid, Jean-Luc Van Klaveren, in a unique exhibition space. It was on July 10 and on the occasion of the reception offered by the ambassador to celebrate the anniversary of the enthronement of Prince Albert II of Monaco and that brought together many personalities from the political, economic and social life of Spain.

With this exhibition, the artist from Madrid and the Embassy of Monaco want to print to this social act a message of commitment and defense of the cultural values and traditions of the peoples that inhabit the Mediterranean basin, in addition to promoting protection of the environment and sustainable development in this vast natural space.

The exhibition will gather several of his well-known works in bronze, iron and stone. Monserrate has also developed, at the request of the ambassador of Monaco, a video-art in which his best known work, “Solitario” (a large deconstructed mere symbol of resilience, freedom , power and calm), comes alive in a sea developed for him, and in which images are interspersed with texts of great strength: “What steps must a man take to overcome his fears and become the best version of himself ? As a society, what stops us from reaching the most relevant objectives for present and future generations? The beauty and fragility of the Mediterranean Sea narrated through two of its protected species: the solitary and strong grouper and the beautiful forests of Posidonia. Through social and individual awareness and taking direct action “Solitaire” will prevail not only in stone and bronze but in fullness of life …. ”

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For Monserrate, the Mediterranean Sea, “the ancient sea of its roots”  is an unprecedented scenario to frame stories, elevate concepts and build emotions. “The Mediterranean Sea is an infinite territory to express the deepest emotions, desires, passions, fears … It is the cradle of Western civilizations and a channel to deepen into the roots of each individual. Symbol of creativity, of the search for the meaning of life and wisdom “, explains the artist.

The work of Monserrate is committed to the cultural, social and environmental preservation of this unique, fragile and highly valuable heritage. Monserrate believes that it is the responsibility of the Mediterranean peoples to remain united in this challenge, essential for the generations to come. His anthropological optimism glimpses a bright future for his beloved “Ancient Sea”.

The sculptor has the vocation that his works move internally to those who contemplate them, he would also like them to be adopted as tools for personal elevation and transformation.