New Exhibition at Grand Palais in Paris. Art Capital . February 14 – 18


New Exhibition

New Exhibition at Grand Palais in Paris. Art Capital . February 14 – 18

He will be in the Salón Independants, a showcase for the most innovative art and in its day a platform to promote the artistic avant-garde / The appointment is at the Grand Palais from February 14 to 18
Sculptor Pepe Monserrate exhibits next February in Paris, inside the Hall “Independants”, which for 129 years has been held at the Grand Palais of the French capital and that has been held for six years in collaboration with Art Capital.

The sculptor from Madrid, who reflects on human nature with the Mediterranean Sea in the background, attends this meeting with “Solitario”, a piece in stoneware and bronze that represents a large grouper floating over a forest of  Posidonia algae. The artist has managed to create an icon of resilience, strength and freedom “To become a giant you must overcome all kinds of threats and obstacles … Solitaire has won in the depths. Now he owns his destiny. Resilience, strength, power, calmness and freedom, “says the author. “Its modular structure, the separation between the pieces and the possibility of changing direction reinforce the idea of freedom of Solitaire and gives the work infinite possibilities.”
The Salon “Independants” has been held since 1884 in Paris and his birth was at the time a manifestation of rebellion by the most innovative artists against the canons and the official aesthetic of the moment. For this exhibition, in its early years, passed the great painters and sculptors who are now part of the constellation of contemporary art, such as Douanier Rousseau, Van Gogh, Toulouse Lautrec, Van Dongen, Bonnard, Munch, Cézanne, Braque, Kandinsky, Modigliani or Marcel Duchamp.

“Independants, as a collective exhibition, represents a milestone in the history of contemporary art. All the great artists we admire here passed by, and that is enough pride for any creator who has the opportunity to exhibit on this platform. In addition, the show has always been a reference for collectors, insofar as it has been the showcase of emerging trends in the art scene, “states Pepe Monserrate.

With this exhibition, which takes place at the Grand Palais in Paris from February 14 to 18, the artist advances in his international career, which began last year with the organization of a large exhibition at the Pall Mall in London, where It was presented with half a dozen pieces, some of them large format installations.