Solitary V – II



Solitary V – II

To become a giant you have to overcome all kinds of threats and obstacles… you have to survive and return victorious from the depths. “Solitary” is a symbol of strength and resilience.

Now is master of his destiny, no fear, no doubts… alone with his power and calmness…

YEAR 2016

SIZE 150 X 260 X 100 cm

TECHNIQUE Work with 12 pieces of stoneware finished with white irregular glaze. They are clamped with iron structures to a flexible skeleton specially built for Solitary II and anchored to iron bases. The work is combined with a video art of solitary swimming through a mysterious and deep sea.

Solitary is master of his destiny. Decides where to go and when. He needs flexibility… The flexible skeleton, the game of separation between the pieces and the possibility of changing their direction endows the work with endless possibilities.

Possidonia algae (iron bars) provide movement and lightness to the work despite its large size.

Solitario II