The Exit is Inside  /  “Encañizada”



The Exit is Inside / “Encañizada”

The world is today an ocean of endless possibilities. There has never been so much freedom and yet never man has been so captive…

YEAR 2016
SIZE 110 cm X 160 cm X 160 cm
TECHNIQUE Iron and Stoneware

...The lures used by society to capture our attention are increasingly sophisticated and targets the need to assuage human anxiety. Are information technologies, in appearance liberating, the bars of a new form of cage?

Each individual, as master of its destiny, will decide whether or not to take the bait of the Longline, to enter the labyrinth of the “Encañizada” (Ancient artisan fishing art made of can sticks), to be caught, trapped and fatten in the Red Tuna Farm ... and, ultimately, they will decide whether or not to avoid the lures or scape from the traps, because there is always a way out, and the Exit is Inside each one of us.